Beginning of a long process

Well, the time has finally come for us to buy our first home together.
We’ve spent the last almost-six-months scrimping and saving so that we would be in a better position to buy at the end of the year and what do you know? It’s the end of the year!
We got everything set with our pre-approval this week, and now it’s on to finding houses to look at. Unfortunately, this is a TERRIBLE time of the year to be looking. Plenty of buyers are out there, evidently, but very few sellers, which means that out of the 15 or so houses on the market that fit into our price/requirements (ie: 4 bedrooms, geographical location, etc), once we rule out ones with low rated schools or non existent yards, we have (literally) 3 to look at.


So those three addresses have been forwarded back to our realtor to set up appointments to go see, and we hope to have news of an offer in the next few weeks! That’s not to say we will for sure decide on one of these, or that we might not add in other options as we go along, but as of today, this is what we are looking at for the moment.  So please cross your fingers, say a prayer, or do a happy dance – whatever floats your boat – that we are able to find the right home and community for our family!


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