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My next fundraiser! | Bravelets Jewelry

I’m so excited to announce my current fundraiser for the 3 Day.  It’s through Bravelets Jewelry and they have some gorgeous pieces.  Just order through the link below and a percentage of your purchase will go to our fundraising efforts.

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Susan G Komen 3 Day – Dallas 2016 – Day 3

Ahhh, Day 3! The end of this years event.  For as sore and tired and ‘done’ as you are on Day 2, Day 3 is always a little bittersweet because you’ve spent a year preparing for this experience and it’s almost over.
We started out on Day 3 walking the first entire leg with our tent neighbors from Boston. It made those first miles super fast and easy, and gave us the chance to get our minds off walking.

The whole weekend was fantastic. I think Patrick is hooked, and I’m already registered for 2017, so I guess it’s time to start fundraising again, huh? 😉

Breakfast in the tent

Waiting on the bus

Loaded up in the bus and heading to the start of today’s route!

Our Route Card for the day

lunch time

With 3 miles left in our day, the skies opened up and it started pouring. We kept trucking with our wet shoes and our fashionable ponchos… but that meant less photos as I didn’t want to get my phone wet.

Along our route

Back to the holding area at the end of the day.

60 miles. Done.

Due to the rain and colder temps, they opened up a hanger for us to sit in and try to warm up while waiting for closing ceremonies to start.

Walking into closing ceremonies.

Susan G Komen 3 Day – Dallas 2016 – Day 2

Day two was another one for the record books.  Day 2 is when you get really tired.  You are sore from the day before, but don’t yet have the “it’s the last day!” rush to get you through your 20 miles for the day.  I ended the day with a gnarly blister on my foot and had to head to the medic tent at the end of the day to get it taken care of. Patrick was still in excellent shape without any issues to speak of.

Started our day off right with a great breakfast in the dining tent.

The line, waiting to leave camp when the route officially opens.

Our Route Card for the day

Ran into some old friends along the way. I know John from my first walk in 2009!

Almost back to camp for the day!

Mama is a little tore up.

A delicious dinner in the tent tonight.

These ladies loved Patrick

Got our Day 2 photo right before heading to bed.

Susan G Komen 3 Day – Dallas 2016 – Day 1

Day 1 of the Susan G Komen 3 day was AWESOME. This is Patrick’s first year walking this event, and he had a wonderful time today.  Both of us ended the day feeling great, with no blisters and ready for another long day tomorrow!

I treated Patrick to a few new pins along the way. Just because it’s your first year doesn’t mean you can’t have a bag full of pins!

The kids came to visit us along the route with Grandpa!

The end of a long first day.

Setting up our pretty pink tent

Tent city!

They always spoil us at dinner time <3

Dining Tent

We had to go visit the 3 Day Museum because they had included some of my items in it!

Each city has a set of walker tents. There is one tent for every year a walk was held in that city, and each walker can come by and sign the tent for the years they walked.