Easy Come, Easy Go

The funny thing about the process of house hunting is how fast your news can change.

Immediately after my last post, we went and looked at the houses from that post.

previous prospects

Our fist choice house turned out to have a contract written on it the night before we could see it. Our second choice was a quick no, once we realized it was nothing more than creative photography that made the living room look so spacious. And the third, well that one was interesting. We got there and were impressed by the house from the outside…. more so than we expected to be, actually. Yet when we got to the door, the key didn’t work! We hope to come back to this house at a later time, but don’t have a appointment scheduled yet. With our list significantly shortened, I begrudgingly suggested another house.  A house we both loved the outside of, but weren’t too fond of the living room in.  Sure enough, once we got in we realized that the “oddly laid out living room” was really just another unfortunate product of poor photography skills. The house was stunning.

So, I intended to log in this morning and share how we had put an offer on a beautiful house. 2 stories, 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, 2600 square feet.  It was beautiful with upgrades such as heavy, decorative iron doors, custom bathrooms, and designer light fixtures. We submitted our offer and crossed our fingers. Our offer was fair, and included a bit more than asking, with the request that they pay part of closing costs.


Unfortunately, today we received their counter offer which told us loud and clear that they were unwilling to take 1cent less than their asking price, or pay 1cent towards closing. While we loved the house, we had our own hesitations on it, and ultimately decided to walk away from the deal.

While it was a hard decision, and one we definitely didn’t take lightly, I’m content in knowing that we made a smart decision.

There were a few functional issues with he house that we weren’t fond of.

1.) There was an awesome finished playroom over the attic, but it only was accessible through one of the secondary bedrooms.  That room couldn’t be made into the baby room or the kids wouldn’t be able to play in there while a baby sleeps, but I also don’t want to referee the battle over which kid gets that room. Not to mention, having to keep the room unavailable for impromptu, unchaperoned 2am play times.

2.) All those fancy upgrades??  While it was all beautiful, when we really sat down and talked about it, it wasn’t the style we were dreaming of for our first home. We picture less heavy wrought iron and more bright white with great lighting… so we would have been ultimately paying 30 years of interest on an up-charge for the upgrades we didn’t love, and would eventually replace. Not a smart choice.

Pictures found on Pinterest

Pictures found on Pinterest

At the end of the day, though, the decision really boiled down to what was right for our family. Our primary goal is to be sure that we can easily pay our mortgage, make upgrades to the house as we go along, and still live our lives – complete with dinner dates, movies, cupcake runs, etc. Those are the activities we aren’t willing to sacrifice in exchange for a bigger or fancier house. So, onward we go…. And we start compiling our next list of houses to see…

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