Fun Run Results

The kids did their annual Fun Run at their school. It’s a yearly PTA-managed Fundraiser where the kids get to collect donations from family and friends, and then see how many laps they can run in 30 minutes.
This year, Patrick and I volunteered at both class times (though P had to cut out a bit early during Lily’s run in order to go to work), which was a lot of fun because we got to be right there, cheering on the kids.
IMG_9418Brendan’s class went first, and our official job was lap counters. I have many more great photos but I don’t want to post them without permission from parents, so I’ll limit it to just a few.
Brendan completed 36 laps in around 24-25 minutes (he had to take a bathroom break at one point, which ate into his running time)

IMG_9426IMG_9424A few hours later, it was Lily’s turn to take to the track. She completed 35 laps in 30 minutes.


Between the two kids, they raised $100 for the PTA.
We are so super proud ๐Ÿ™‚


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