Jewelry Storage

One of the last things I packed before we moved was my jewelry. I wear jewelry every. single. day. so the thought of going a week or more without any of it was not something I cared to experience.  In the new house, I had to find a way to organize my many long necklaces without them getting tangled, and I just needed them out of a box.  I decided to hang them in our master closet (which has more than enough wall space), which means only I would ever see them, let alone use them. Because of that, I decided my budget would be as small as possible, while still aiming for something cute and rustic.

I had an unused fence picket in the garage and a hack saw, so I got to work cutting the panel down to 32 inch lengths.  It made for 2 panels.  I had a box of white cup hooks on hand, and I picked up a tiny sampler can of the color stain I wanted to use.

I lightly sanded the two wood panels before staining them and banishing them out to the garage to dry.

Once dried, I measured in 2″ on each end of the first panel and placed a cup hook at each of those spots. From there, I placed a hook every 3-4″ between the two original hooks.

For the second panel, I placed them in between each of the top hooks, to leave room for the upper necklaces to hang down.

I then drilled pilot holes on each end of both pieces of wood, and nailed them into the wall. So far so good, and they are holding up nicely!

Necklace Hanger

If I had wanted to make them a little prettier, and was okay spending more money, I probably would have hit up hobby lobby to buy an assortment of vintage-inspired cabinet knobs, and would have used those to hang the necklaces off of.  The only downfall is that in addition to a greater expense, it would have allowed for fewer hooks, so each hook would have been more “cluttered” with jewelry for me.

As is, this project cost me about $2.70. Not too shabby! If you don’t have any of the items on hand, you should expect to spend about $2-3 on wood, $4 on cup hooks, and $2-3 on stain.


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