L’s Birthday Surprise

Another late posting….
At the end of January, L celebrated her 6th birthday.  The first surprise she woke up to was a room full of balloons, which flooded her entire bedroom floor.

Once of the pink balloons had a small surprise in it waiting for her… She just had to find which one! She went to work shaking every pink balloon until she found the right one.

After which, her and her brother promptly herded all of the balloons into one corner of her room and proceeded to leap into them, often getting nearly buried.
Notice L’s feet sticking out of the balloons in the photo above. 😉

The static made her hair a mess for the 3 days following, during which she insisted we keep the balloons around.


Later that morning, she got all dolled up for school, including wearing a light up sash that read Birthday Girl.





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