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It’s been a while since I’ve posted on the blog, and I really want to get more in the habit of updating here.  So we’ll start with the pups!

In the last year, we’ve had a LOT of fosters it seems like!
First we had Ruger who came to us covered in chemical burns, and was eventually adopted in December.  The family who adopted him returned him after 8 weeks for reasons outside of his control, and he now has a pending adoption in place so he will likely be leaving us very shortly.
ruger01 rugershades

Then we had Winston.  He came to us paralyzed in May.  We were able to rehabilitate him through acupuncture and TENS therapy, and he was able to walk by the time he was adopted in February.
Then we got Paige and Franklin.  They were puppies, only 4 weeks old when we got them.  Franklin was quickly adopted by a family who wanted to foster him until he was old enough to adopt, so he left us rather quickly.  Paige has been adopted for several weeks but her new mama has a broken leg and wanted to wait to take her until she could drive again.  She leaves tomorrow for her new family <3

paige franklin
Shortly after Frankie left, we got Charlie.  She was a chocolate lab/chow mix that stayed with us for only about 2 weeks.  she was tagged to transport to New York for a rescue there, and with about 2 weeks before her transport, a special needs case came up that we were able to help with so Charlie left to a temporary foster until she was transferred to NY.  She started her journey to NY this morning!

Once Charlie left for her temp foster, we immediately ran to the shelter to pickup our next case.  Olivia and Maggie were two 8 week old puppies who both had amputations the day before.  It’s been a long, hard road with them but they are getting more healthy every day.  In addition to amputations, Maggie had necrotic tissue removed around her neck.  Maggies neck and chest staples popped open and had to heal as open wounds.  Liv’s chest just popped open 3 days ago as well.  Both dogs also had hook worms, we believe Liv has Kennel Cough, and both are having trouble re-learniing how to appropriate walk without injuring their remaining legs.

olivia blogMaggie blog

So that’s our recent foster recap.  We have also added our current fosters to the right column so you can easily see who we have, and click on the images to go directly to their page.  <3

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