Dresser Re-Do #2

One thing I don’t think I’ve ever paid retail for is a dresser. There are so many great, wood dressers out there with lots of life still in them, that just need a little loving.  I bought this dresser back in 2007 for B’s room. I picked it up off Craigslist for $5.

After a bit of sanding, and some stain, we ended up with this beauty…

It’s held up well over the years, and matched his toddler bed well enough, but once he got older and got a black twin sized bed, it looked out of place.
I always dread painting over stain (because I know what a headache it is to get that paint back off later, if you need it a different color) but I finally couldn’t look at his mis-matched furniture any longer. So it was time to Re-Do this dresser, again!

Last week I picked up some Black PolyShades and went to work on the dresser.

dresser2All I did was used some sandpaper I had on hand to rough up the finish a touch, and started brushing on the stain. Because it was so dark, it went on much like paint. Two Thin-ish Coats was all it took!


After leaving them out to dry for a while, the dresser was finished and ready to bring inside and replace the hardware..

dresser3Now it finally matches his storage and bed!

Now to decide which to refinish next… L’s dresser (which grossly mismatches her new bed) or the dining set (since I’m on a PolyShades kick right now)….


Snow Day!

Last Thursday P and I woke up and it was frigid cold. I mean, don’t-want-to-budge-under-the-covers cold. Have I mentioned we are still learning our thermostat? It was on, but definitely not high enough!

The kids came over from their Dad’s first thing in the morning so I could take them to school, and they both ran in and bundled up under a stack of blankets. Their Dad drives a Jeep, which isn’t exactly warm when it’s icy cold out. L’s cheeks were ice cubes!

I had already questioned making the drive to school, knowing it was due to start snowing after school started, but the icy cold temperatures prompted me to do something I’ve never done as a Mom before (though my Mom did this plenty for us as kids). I was a terrible awful super awesome Mom, and told the kids we were going to stay home and have a “Mental Health Day”. You know, the day when you need to just stay home and recharge, for whatever reason? We did that on Thursday. And I’m glad we did, because snow it did! It wasn’t a ton (and it only lasted the one day) but it was enough for us to go play in, so we headed out that afternoon. Well, correction. They headed out. I stayed inside, warmly bundled up, photographing them through the windows.
Snow3They had fun throwing snowballs at each other and racing around the yard, although they were disappointed to realize it wasn’t enough snow for a snowman.
B even pegged the back door with a snowball to keep me from taking photos.

All in all they had a blast (though B didn’t last long in the cold temps), and enjoyed playing in the first snow in the new house.
Speaking of which, this house sure is pretty when surrounded by a blanket of white!


Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day everyone! The kids were both so excited for their Classroom Valentines Parties today.  We did homemade Valentines as usual, but this year the kids really wanted to do Rainbow Loom Valentines. Of course, that means Mommy was making a LOT of bracelets. I designed the cards in Photoshop and printed them at Kinkos. Not counting the cost of bands, I think I spent $10 on both kids cards? I used lingerie tape on the back (because we are mid-move and you work with what you’ve got) to attach little plastic bags I had on hand, to hold the bracelets.


(Don’t mind the bad finish on the table… That’s the dining set we just picked up to refinish for in the dining room.)

We also had to make boxes for their valentines, which is a new practice for me! I’m used to them coming home with a little gift bag full of their goodies! So we took to Pinterest and got some ideas.  B fell in love with the idea of a Minecraft box, so I did my best (but it’s still laughable), and L wanted “Anything with Elsa”.

Brendan’s is a character named Hero Brine? I guess

All I know is he wears a purple shirt and his white eyes glow (which makes for a really hard time photographing it)
Had I been in super-mom Mode, I would have grabbed a strand of battery operated Christmas lights and made his eyes really glow 😉 But this mama was running ragged, the night before these were due. I’m not thrilled with how it came out (because I’m a perfectionist) but he was stoked and said it was “AWESOME!” so game on.

Lily’s was a little easier.  We found some holographic looking paper that reminded me of ice/snowflakes, and tacked that on… then I printed out a pic of Elsa that my friend Stacie sent me. I had it laminated at Kinko’s for a whopping $2 so that I could glue it without the color running, or the paper wrinkling. Worked like a charm. I printed Olaf onto card stock too, but didn’t bother laminating him because I knew it wouldn’t take much glue to tack him down. The hills are frosted scrapping paper, cut into 3 different hill-like shapes and overlapped. On the sides, we wrote the lyrics of “Do You Want to Build a Snowman” which you can’t see here.
Lily Valentine Box

I can’t wait to see what the kids bring home from their friends today! Hope everyone’s Valentines Day is wonderful!

Jewelry Storage

One of the last things I packed before we moved was my jewelry. I wear jewelry every. single. day. so the thought of going a week or more without any of it was not something I cared to experience.  In the new house, I had to find a way to organize my many long necklaces without them getting tangled, and I just needed them out of a box.  I decided to hang them in our master closet (which has more than enough wall space), which means only I would ever see them, let alone use them. Because of that, I decided my budget would be as small as possible, while still aiming for something cute and rustic.

I had an unused fence picket in the garage and a hack saw, so I got to work cutting the panel down to 32 inch lengths.  It made for 2 panels.  I had a box of white cup hooks on hand, and I picked up a tiny sampler can of the color stain I wanted to use.

I lightly sanded the two wood panels before staining them and banishing them out to the garage to dry.

Once dried, I measured in 2″ on each end of the first panel and placed a cup hook at each of those spots. From there, I placed a hook every 3-4″ between the two original hooks.

For the second panel, I placed them in between each of the top hooks, to leave room for the upper necklaces to hang down.

I then drilled pilot holes on each end of both pieces of wood, and nailed them into the wall. So far so good, and they are holding up nicely!

Necklace Hanger

If I had wanted to make them a little prettier, and was okay spending more money, I probably would have hit up hobby lobby to buy an assortment of vintage-inspired cabinet knobs, and would have used those to hang the necklaces off of.  The only downfall is that in addition to a greater expense, it would have allowed for fewer hooks, so each hook would have been more “cluttered” with jewelry for me.

As is, this project cost me about $2.70. Not too shabby! If you don’t have any of the items on hand, you should expect to spend about $2-3 on wood, $4 on cup hooks, and $2-3 on stain.


We are finally in the new house!

What a whirlwind the last nearly-week has been.
I’ve contemplated, multiple times, updating our blog to share what has happened so far, but honestly, it felt daunting.
Our whirlwind of wonderful chaos started on Friday. We woke up Friday morning in time to feed and dress the kids before shuffling them off to school. Our Walk through for the house was at 10:00 so we had some time to kill.
We went back to the house and wrapped up a few boxes that were partially packed, and grabbed some Starbucks before heading out to the house for the walk through with the builder.
before closing
The walk through went perfectly. Only very minor issues needed addressed (a spot on the wall needed the paint touched up, an area on the mirror needed the caulking fixed, etc). We fixed those and re-keyed our doors as we headed over to the Title Company for our closing appointment.
final walkthrough
Our Realtor, Alex, had met us at the house for the walk through and followed us over to the closing appointment. We waited for a few minutes before both of our Loan girls came out to congratulate us. It’s funny to be how when we see the people we worked with in this process, it feels like seeing family. Our Loan girls both called us the day of our final approval, together. They had met in one office, put us on speaker, and cheered with us when we found out. They were nearly as thrilled as we were, and that felt great. On closing day, they came over, hugged us, told us how excited they were, and that if we needed anything – “Really, Anything!” – to give them a call. It was only a few more minutes before we walked back into a small office with our contracts and sat down to sign, what felt like, our lives away. The closer was very sweet, and she excused herself for about 15 minutes to file the paperwork and get the loan funded, during which time we sat in the office with Alex and exchanged funny stories and tales of the great post-Christmas deals we’d each gotten.
closing appointment
Once the load had funded, we were congratulated by a handful of people before we headed back to the house to pickup our keys. We met Rob, our sales guy, at his office where he gave us our keys, and then followed us over to the house. While there, we met with the rep for the local security service – and boy was I blown away by what they offer! – and chatted with Rob for a few minutes. The cleaning crew was there, vacuuming carpet and washing windows in preparation for us to move in that weekend.
cleaning ladies
The girls had been let in by the builder when he was changing the locks, and didn’t have a key to lock back up, so we figured that when we came back after carpool (more on that later) we would lock up.  This is when we hit our first blip. While at the house we asked about our garage door openers. All three of us were confused when we walked out into the garage and realized that there was no garage door opener installed… Only then did we realize that a garage door opener was an upgrade (which we obviously didn’t pay for since we weren’t aware) and we would need to go buy one on our own.  Not a huge deal, but just funny to realize that we bought a beautiful new house with a two car garage… and a garage door we couldn’t open without climbing out of the car, running inside to unlock the garage door by hand, lifting it by hand, and running back out to get back in the car. You’d think in this day-and-age that would be standard. So off to home depot we went. Not just for the garage door opener, but also because we had been waiting to buy our fridge until after closing. The upside was that the fridge was on a 10% sale (on top of the already discounted price), but the downfall was that buying on Friday meant that our delivery would be scheduled for the next Tuesday… and we would be without a fridge for 4.5 days… with two kids. Yikes.
home depot
This is when things started to fall apart, bit by bit. While at home depot, our sales guy started to place our order on the back register by the appliance area.  After everything had been input, he realized he couldn’t process our payment there and had to take us to the front of the store. Once at the front of the store, the register girl had to wait for a manager to come by and approve the 10% discount. We were there for about 30 minutes before everything was placed and in process.  Doesn’t seem like a big deal? Just wait, it’s coming later.

At this point we were running a little late for heading home… We had a plan to go load up the car, pick up the kids from school and take them to the new house to have a dinner picnic in the living room before Patrick had to leave for work.  We had talked to my Dad about this plan, and my Dad offered Patrick his commuter car to take to work, which would leave the truck available for the evening. The plan was that after we had dinner with the kids and unloaded, the kids would head to their Dad’s for the night, and my Dad and I would run at least 1 truck load of boxes to the new house in the truck. That didn’t happen though, because on the way to the house for the dinner picnic with the kids, the commuter car died leaving Patrick stranded and without another car to drive to work.
broken down car
We ran back and picked up Patrick while my Dad waited for AAA to come tow the car.  Got Patrick home just in time for him to get ready for work and put a few more boxes in my car. At this point it was 5pm, and it finally dawned on me that the house was STILL unlocked from the cleaning crew, and we had already dropped off a few boxes earlier that day. I knew I needed to get over there ASAP to lock up and shut off lights, so I left the kids with Patrick knowing he had to leave for work in 30 minutes and the kids Dad would be by to pick them up in about 15-20 minutes. I hustled back over to the new house only to realize that the cleaning crew had left, literally, every single light on in the house, and the air conditioner was pumping in the already ice-cold house. I shut everything down, turned up the heat a little, and unloaded by car before heading home.

The next morning Patrick and I were up at 5:30am to finish packing the last few boxes we had, before we had to pick up our U-Haul at 9am. We took two cars over to the new house, both loaded down with boxes, to meet Patrick’s cousin who had graciously agreed to help us move.
moving morning
The boys (Patrick, My Dad, and Patrick’s Cousin, J) unloaded both cars and hopped in the truck before heading over to U-Haul to pick up our trailer. Once they arrived there, they were told that there was no reservation on file for us, never mind the confirmation email I had received after placing my reservation online. They luckily had a trailer on hand, and quickly got the guys all set up so they could head over to our storage unit.  The storage boxes filled up our trailer quicker than we expected, so they had to make a drop off at the new house before they could clean out our unit, or head back to the house to get what was waiting there to be taken. Meanwhile, my friend K and her husband S and I were loading up my SUV and theirs with small boxes before heading over to the house. I had to be there before 1pm for the AT&T installation appointment.  K and I grabbed lunch on the way over and got to the house in time to unload before the guys got there with the U-Haul full of boxes from the house.
moving morning kristi
While unloading, the AT&T guy came by to start our install. In about a 7 minute span, the AT&T guy was spinning in circles saying over and over again how our house was wired wrong and he couldn’t install, Patrick realized it was 1:30 and he had to head out for work, and a Pizza Delivery guy came by with a delivery from “Dave” saying “Welcome to the Neighborhood”. It took a few minutes to asking questions to realize the pizza was from my brother Dave, in Pennsylvania, and I quickly sent Patrick off to work with a few slices to eat on the way.
moving morning pizza
Meanwhile, Mr. AT&T was being entirely unhelpful, pacing through my house, loudly chanting about how “There’s no wires” and “You don’t want me to wrap the house”. I was at the end of my rope. I finally just had to walk away, because his defeatist attitude was bringing me down hard. After about an hour and 15 minutes of acting like this was the only house in the history of ever to be wired in such a way that Internet and TV were impossible, he finally figured out how to handle it (after a visit from our Builder) and got to work. Once we were entering hour 4 of him working on the wiring, My Dad realized we were running out of time to make our last trip to the storage unit and old house, and offered to take the trailer out, go load up some stuff, and meet us at storage when we were done at the house (after AT&T guy left). We agreed and sent him on his way.  Mr. AT&T left about an  hour later, and My Mom and I were loading up and preparing to head out to meet my Dad…. when we realized we had no keys. My Dad had accidentally taken the keys for the only car we had (my Mom’s car) so we were stuck… This is where it might be helpful to know a few things. Patrick wouldn’t be home from work until around midnight, and we had intended on making one more trip from the old house…. so I had no blankets, no pillows, no pajamas, no shampoo, hair dryer, or clothes for church the next morning. No food (other than the few remaining slices of pizza), drinks, nothing to work on (because half of the bed we were trying to assemble had been left in the storage unit). We also didn’t have the dog, who needed to be taken out soon, a charger for my phone or iPad (both of which were at or below 11% battery), and we were still figuring out the heating vents to get the heat even (my bedroom was a sauna, the living room an icebox). This mama was hungry, cold, tired, and irritated. My Dad came back a little earlier than he  would have otherwise, thankfully, because He couldn’t get into my storage unit without me (and my key), so that saved us a little time. So in 25 degree temps, I ran outside with no coat and started to help them unload the trailer he brought back.  Thankfully my Dad had spotted a coat of mine at the new house and brought it back for me, so I bundled up and we quickly unloaded the trailer, before we piled into my Moms car to head to her house. We had settled on a plan that my Dad would drive the truck/trailer home while Mom and I drove her car home. I would stage everything that still needed to be brought to the house, and Patrick would come pick me up from there around 11:15 after work, and would pack up everything I had staged. That part of our plan went down exactly as scheduled, and we made it home around 12:15AM. The next morning we were bound and determined to go to church, as it was the first week of a new series titled Freeway, which went hand in hand with our church-wide Bible Study every small group was doing. We got up early and headed out to church and were surprised on our way home when we got a text from my Parents saying they had already loaded up our stuff at the house and storage unit and were on their way to the house. They unloaded and we cleaned up and unpacked a few boxes before they headed out for the day. Patrick had to work at 1:30, so our time was limited, but we grabbed lunch and I spent that night getting our bedroom in order so Patrick wouldn’t come home to a maze of boxes. On Monday the kids came over in the morning before school and finally got to see the house for the first time since before the carpet had been installed. They had fun exploring all the rooms before we headed out for school. On Monday I got a call from Home Depot letting us know that our delivery date was wrong. Remember that 30 minute delay we had? Yeahhhh, turns out that in that 30 minute timeframe, someone at another store nabbed our Tuesday Delivery day, and we had to be pushed back to Wednesday. This mama was not a happy camper, and the fact that the girl who called was rude only made it worse. Thankfully the rest of our week has been pretty smooth… Patrick had bible study on Tuesday night and I had it Wednesday morning… the fridge was delivered on Wednesday while I was gone, and Hayden’s Trundle bed came on Wednesday morning as well.
new fridge
So it appears maybe we are out of the “Can one more thing go wrong?” woods for a while. *knock on wood* The house looks wonderful, and I had the chance to photograph a friends newborn baby in my office here yesterday, which was fun.

hallway decor

Today, it’s cold again. It’s been cold, but today it’s actually snowing, so we are having a down day in this house. We spent part of yesterday hanging décor around the house, and have a lot more to unpack and hang this week. But it finally feels like a home!!

Quick House Update 1/28/2014

Well, Our Final approval came back this morning, 24 hours earlier than expected. We should get a call this evening or tomorrow morning to schedule our closing appointment for Friday. That means it’s a done deal, we are good to go! I guess I can finally give my nerves a rest from worrying that something will fall through! We are so excited!!

Quick House Update 1/27/2014

Today we heard back from our Loan Processor that our Appraisal had come back, and everything was being sent to the Underwriter one last time for final approval. It will take about 48 hours to hear back, at which time it will go to the Closing Department to have the contract drafted and printed for our closing appointment on Friday.

Today we got our TV, Internet, and Electric all set up for switch over this weekend! It’s coming up so quick, we can’t wait!

Wreath Re-Do

My Mom has a pair of wreaths that she’s had for years and years and years. They’ve been used outdoors for as long as I can remember, so I’m sure you can imagine how weather-worn they are.  Their berries are less “glossy red” and more “exposed foam” than they once were.
This year she proclaimed that it would be their last Christmas, and they were headed for the trash can in January.  I can’t stand to see things be thrown away that are still totally usable, so I told her “give me a chance to fix them up”. Afterall, the most expensive part of wreathes are the wreath themselves, and those don’t get too torn up in the weather, just the adornments do.  She agreed, and we headed to Hobby Lobby to pick up some goodies.
Our original plan was some sprigs of berries and other Christmas-y Goodness, and a bag of pinecones, but given how close we were to Christmas the pinecones were gone and the sprigs were well picked over. So we settled on two boxes of potpourri mix, and 2 remaining sprigs of berries and golden foliage.
WreathProject (7)The potpourri was $13.99 a box, but was on sale for 50% off, so for two boxes we still spent $13.99.
The large flowers were $6.99 each, but were 50% off, so we spent $6.99 total.
The berries were $1.99 each, and at 50% off, we spent $1.99 total.
And the golden foliage was $2.99 each, and at 50% off, we spent $2.99 total.
Our total spent was around $26 + tax.

At home, I took her wreaths down and brought them inside. They were missing some pinecones and had several areas with glue that was left behind, unable to be removed.

WreathProject (1)
I removed the bow and all of the other pinecones, berries, etc.
WreathProject (2)Then set to work fluffing all the branches.
WreathProject (3)
I used the large flower to cover the most obvious glue-spot. This wasn’t glued in place, but was wrapped to the “frame” using wire.

WreathProject (4)The rest of the adornments were attached using a hot glue gun and copious amounts of glue.
WreathProject (5)small

The result was a vast improvement from what they looked like previously, and for $26 + tax, we fixed up both wreaths, and had plenty of potpourri left over.

WreathProject (6)

After / Before



A long time ago, I made a print of Proverbs 31 and shared it on my (then) craft blog. That became one of my most shared Pins on Pinterest, and it’s still hanging in my room to this day!
Last night I was killing time, waiting on the Mister to get home in that yucky ice. I had just finished designing and ordering our Christmas cards, and decided to put together another Printable Scripture to share.


And here’s the one I shared a while back…


34 Dates in 34 Days

In November of this year, my husband turned 34. To celebrate his birthday I didn’t want to get him a tangible gift – I’m not much for wrapping video games and other quick-purchase items when it comes to him. I’m more in the business of gifting him experiences.

For his 33rd birthday I took him to the Dallas Cowboys Stadium to tour it and see the locker rooms, etc.
All in all it was a excellent Birthday for him.

Cowboys2 Cowboys4
We even got to meet Michael Downs, a former Dallas Cowboys safety.

Since Patrick is the “Ultimate Cowboys Fan” (which, I’ve learned, all Cowboys fans think they are), I knew this year had to be impressive or it wouldn’t stand up to last years surprise.

One thing Patrick always tells me is that he wishes we went on more dates. We do go out often, but we have a whole list of places we’ve been wanting to go see, or things we’ve been wanting to do.  So this year for Patrick’s Birthday I decided to give him 34 consecutive dates to celebrate his 34th birthday.  They would each be pre-planned and pre-paid, so there would be no excuses to not complete a date. So I started by compiling a list of 34 dates. Things we’ve either been putting off doing, or thing we love to do together.

For the delivery, I designed a deck of cards for Patrick and put them into an old Moo Business Cards case I had.  Each card had one side that was color-coded based on the duration of the date (with his work schedule often changing or requiring overtime, I needed to be sure that he was choosing dates that were possible to complete before he had to leave for work), a place for weather requirements, expiration dates, notes, and more.
On the reverse of each card described the date we would be going on, and an envelope number. The cards would be in the box with the color-coded area facing forwards, so he would select a card based on the requirements of the date, and only after settling on a card for the day would he know what the actual activity was.

Any dates that required ANY information (Gift Card, Cash, Maps, Directions, Hours, Notes, etc) noted an envelope number on the bottom of the card. I had envelopes with corresponding numbers printed on them, so when he chose a date, he could quickly locate the envelope with all pertinent information for that date.

Date Cards
The dates ranged from romantic (Dinner and a Movie) to goofy (putt putt), and from quick (geocaching) to long (day-long scavenger hunt). They ran the gamut of dates, and really covered all the bases of things we wanted to do together.

It took me about 3 months to design everything, print it all up, collect all the necessary information, and save up the cash for each date without piquing Patrick’s attention.

I’ve been asked a lot about where I got the cards/envelopes, or how I made them. I designed them in photoshop, based on a set of cards a friend had received as a gift. I liked the neutral color scheme, and simple lines, but wanted to add a little personality to each card, hence the mix of designs. I made sure to make most of the cards something cheeky/funny, though, b/c that’s how we are with one another.

To print the cards, I used Avery Printable Business Cards #8869. Be sure you get the 2 sided, print-to-edge cards with a clean-edge perforation.
I made a template in photoshop with the different designs for the top and bottom portions as different layers that I could turn on or off as needed, and then just edited the text of each card.  Read to the end of the post for a link to download your own set of cards.

Along with his date cards, I included some “instructions” cards, so that the first time he opened the box, he would know what his gift was, and how it worked.


We started our dates on October 6th. He drew his first card at 12:59am. Can you tell he was excited to find out what his gift was?? I had been talking about it incessantly for a month. He asked for a hint at one point, and the hint I gave him was “It involves a dog, a golf ball, and a stripper”. How’s that for a hint? Ha!

Here’s a quick (or as quick as 34 days can be) outline of our dates. You’ll notice all of these photos are cell phone photos from Instagram. That’s because we wanted to focus on enjoying ourselves, and worry less about getting perfect photos (something I struggle in finding a balance with). So our happy-medium was iPhone photos and Instagram. 😉

Date 1: Canasta
Envelope included a new deck of cards.

Date 2: Dallas Arboretum
Envelope included directions and map of gardens
Date2 Date2x1
Date3: Feeding the ducks
Envelope included $5.00 for bread.
Date 4: Food Truck Dining
Envelope included directions to Klyde Warren Park, and $25.00 in cash for lunch.

Date 5: Frozen Yogurt
Envelope included cash.

Date 6: Dallas Holocaust MuseumEnvelope included directions and a Groupon for tickets to the museum.
Date 7: Movie night
Envelope included a gift card to Harkins Movie Theaters.
Date 8: Photoshoot
Envelope included a groupon for a photoshoot appointment.

Date 9: Trip to the Arcade
Envelope included a print out from a local arcade, and $25 cash for unlimited play.
Date 10: Sushi
Envelope included cash for lunch.10 points for the FRIENDS fans who catch the Unagi reference.10 points for the FRIENDS fans who catch the Unagi reference.

Date 11: Dinner and a Movie
Envelope included gift card to Fandango, and print out of movies playing at AMC Dine in Theatres
Date 11
Date 12: Cupcakes
Envelope included Groupon for $20 worth of baked goods from a local bakery.
Date 12
Date 13: Inside Joke that we keep private. 😉
Not everything can be public knowledge!

Date 14: Take donations to the animal shelter
Envelope included a $25 gift card to PetSmart to buy supplies.
Date14 Date14x2
Date 15: Geocaching
Envelope included 2 Travel Bugs
Date 16: Scavenger Hunt

Envelope included a list for our hunt.
Date16x2Some of our favorites from the hunt…Scav Hunt
Date 17: Top Golf
Envelope included a gift card to Top Golf.
Date 17
Date 18: Drive in Movie
Envelope included cash for tickets, and a print out of the menu and directions to the Coyote Drive-In in Fort Worth.
Date 19: Icecream
Envelope included cash.
Date 20: Trip to the Farmers Market
No envelope.
Date 20
Date 21: Movie Trading Company
Envelope included cash.
Date 22: Texas State Fair
We weren’t able to actually go on this date, due to inclement weather on the date it was planned for, and then working around ill children. Bummed, but maybe next year!

Date 23: 150 years of Fort Worth museum
Envelope included directions and information about the museum.Date23

Date 24: Bahama Bucks
Envelope included $10 in gift cards to Bahama Bucks.Date24

Date 25: Putt Putt
Envelope included a Groupon to a local putt putt/go kart place.Date25

Date 26: Trip to the dog park
No envelopeDate26

Date 27: Trip to the Stockyards
Envelope included information about upcoming events at the Stockyards.Date27

Date 28: Angel Tree
Envelope included $25 cash for giftsDate28
Date 29: Dallas Zoo

We were not able to complete this date due to inclement weather.

Date 30: Redbox Movie night
Envelope included red box gift cardsDate30

Date 31: GoKart Racing
We were not able to complete this date due to inclement weather.

Date 32: Water Gardens
We were not able to complete this date due to inclement weather.

Date 33: Drinks at the Reunion Tower
Envelope included cash for drinks.
Date 34: A night at the NYLO Hotel.
Patrick has been saying for months and months that he wanted to go back to the NYLO. We once stayed there following a Rangers game, but I’ve been putting it off because I knew I wanted to tie it into his birthday gift. This was the one date he’d been repeatedly asking for, which is why I saved it for last.
Envelope included reservations for a room at the NYLO. We ended up cancelling the already-made reservations that day, and booked through the app called Hotel Tonight for same-day reservations at steep discounts. It was great, the room was the exact same room we had original reserved, but instead of being out-of-pocket $119, we were out-of-pocket $41, and you can’t beat that! If you download the app, enter referral code “JSPIVEY7” and you’ll instantly get a $25 booking credit in your account.Date34NyloNight
So that was our month of dating! At the end of the month, our reactions were vastly different.
I was ready for a day, staying at home in my pajamas, and Patrick was like “Lets keep going!!”
The only thing I would have changed would be to have more <30 minute dates (b/c those fit best into our schedule in case Patrick has to go into work early, or I’m volunteering up at the school, etc, and to have more indoor dates. We were going to start his 34 dates ON his birthday, which would have taken us almost to Christmas, but I was concerned that the weather would have inhibited too many of the outdoor dates. Starting to early so we ENDED on his birthday was my compromise to accommodate the weather, but even then we had a few that were “rained out” on us, and since we were to the end of the stack, we didn’t have any indoor options to use instead.
The experience was awesome though, and I’ll tell you, it was probably one of our more stress-free months. 🙂

Download the CARD BACK for <30 minute dates here
Download the CARD BACK for 30-90 minute dates here
Download the CARD BACK for >90 minute dates here

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