Project: Anthropologie Inspired Stocking Holders

This year I knew we needed to either buy, find, or make some stocking holders for the new stockings we’ve been making to use this Christmas, but I hadn’t been able to find anything I loved, and with $20 as the average price tag of *each* stocking holder, I had to really love it to spend $120.00 + tax on a set of 6 (5 for us, and 1 extra for a future addition).
With the new stockings being white and gold, I wanted something that would tie in well with that color scheme, and I wanted to stick to our semi-rustic decor theme we’ve been keeping with. So I settled on something kind of winter/woodlands styled, and decided to go with woodland animals. I was thinking animals like a fox, moose, deer, etc, but the only thing I found for sale was at Anthropologie, which they call their “Woodland Stocking Holder”.

While beautiful, their color options are limited to brown and bronze, which looked suspiciously similar to one another, and their animals are limited to this which looks like the cross between a deer and a ram (someone correct me and tell me the real name of this animal, please!), a pug and a Scottie dog… neither of which were appealing to my woodlands theme. And at $38 a pop, I knew I couldn’t talk myself into a $228+Tax splurge that I didn’t even love in the first place. . I also knew I wanted all 6 to be different, so I decided at that point that it was time to formulate plan be: Making our own.
In passing conversation, I told Lily what I intended to make and she loudly declared that her animal would be a unicorn. Also not keeping with my woodland theme, but I’ll work with it because at least it’s something she’ll love.
I recalled seeing little plastic animals at Michael’s before, so Patrick and I ran out to price them. They ranged from $3.00 to $11.00 depending on the size of animal you purchased. We chose 6 that we felt matched our theme well (one of which was a horse, since they didn’t have a unicorn). Our total spent was around $32.00 including tax. (We also used a 50% off one item coupon on two of the animals, so be sure to check your Michael’s coupons online if you try this tutorial).
After that, we headed out to Target. I’d heard they carry plain stocking holder plates which you can dress up however you want. They are sold in sets 2 of for $10.00, and come in 3 colors (A silver, an ORB color, and a coppery/gold color). They were on sale for $9.00 per set of 2, but even so, buying 3 sets was going to add another $30.00 or more to our over-all price, which I wasn’t thrilled about, so I scouted the Cartwheel app, and sure enough they had 10% off all stocking holders! I also checked out our Shopkick app and discovered we had a collective 5,000+ kicks sitting there waiting to be cashed in. We had to get a little creative with how we cashed them in, but in the end we wound up with $24.00 worth of Target Gift cards for free. In the end, our total for the 6 stocking holder bases was $0.30 + tax. Can’t beat that!
We headed home to start on our project, and grabbed a can of Rustoleum Champagne Mist on the way past the home supply store.
When we got home, this is what our haul looked like
sh2Since the animals are a matte finish paint, and the Rustoleum paint is supposed to be prime+paint in one,  I didn’t bother using a different primer on them at all, and just took straight to spraying them down.  2 extra-light coats was all it took, and some time in the sun. Maybe it was just me, but this paint stayed tacky for a VERY long time. I finally gave up and did a clear coat over them using Clear Acrylic Spray, and that finally took care of the tackiness issue.

Before I could get too far on the painting, I did have one issue to tackle: The horse that wanted to be a unicorn.
I considered using some wood putty to form the horn, letting it cure, then using e6000 to glue it on, but i ended up taking a thin dowel and shaped it into a horn using a combination of sand paper and a pencil sharpener, then glued it on using e6000.
sh4Once the glue was completely cured, the unicorn took a turn in our spray-tanning booth and came out a lovely shade of gold.
I did the same process, spraying the bases gold. Once everything was completely painted, clear coated, and cured, I used a small dab of e6000 glue on the bottom of each foot… err, paw? hoof? whatever the case may be… and then pressed them into the base and let them cure overnight.
The next morning, we were excited to see our new additions on our mantle!


The photos of them on the mantle show the color more true-to-life (the ones below are reflecting the red in our wood floors), but here are closeups of each animal.

elkPatrick is the Elk.
mooseI’m the moose (one of my favorite animals)
wolfBrendan is the wolf.
unicornLily is the unicorm.
bearHayden is the bear.
And any future addition will be the raccoon. 🙂

All in all, this project cost us around $40.
Animals: $32
Paint: $7
Clear Coat: $0 (already had)
Bases: $2.30
Total: $41.30
For a total of $6.88 each!! Not too bad!

Now the prices we paid, we wouldn’t expect most families to be able to get that same deal because of the gift cards, etc, we had through shopkick… but if anything, it’s a great reminder to sign up for those programs! Get you shopkick app and get your 45 points everytime you walk into Target! Someday you’ll use it for something cool!

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