Snow Day!

Last Thursday P and I woke up and it was frigid cold. I mean, don’t-want-to-budge-under-the-covers cold. Have I mentioned we are still learning our thermostat? It was on, but definitely not high enough!

The kids came over from their Dad’s first thing in the morning so I could take them to school, and they both ran in and bundled up under a stack of blankets. Their Dad drives a Jeep, which isn’t exactly warm when it’s icy cold out. L’s cheeks were ice cubes!

I had already questioned making the drive to school, knowing it was due to start snowing after school started, but the icy cold temperatures prompted me to do something I’ve never done as a Mom before (though my Mom did this plenty for us as kids). I was a terrible awful super awesome Mom, and told the kids we were going to stay home and have a “Mental Health Day”. You know, the day when you need to just stay home and recharge, for whatever reason? We did that on Thursday. And I’m glad we did, because snow it did! It wasn’t a ton (and it only lasted the one day) but it was enough for us to go play in, so we headed out that afternoon. Well, correction. They headed out. I stayed inside, warmly bundled up, photographing them through the windows.
Snow3They had fun throwing snowballs at each other and racing around the yard, although they were disappointed to realize it wasn’t enough snow for a snowman.
B even pegged the back door with a snowball to keep me from taking photos.

All in all they had a blast (though B didn’t last long in the cold temps), and enjoyed playing in the first snow in the new house.
Speaking of which, this house sure is pretty when surrounded by a blanket of white!


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