Susan G Komen 3 Day – Dallas 2016 – Day 2

Day two was another one for the record books.  Day 2 is when you get really tired.  You are sore from the day before, but don’t yet have the “it’s the last day!” rush to get you through your 20 miles for the day.  I ended the day with a gnarly blister on my foot and had to head to the medic tent at the end of the day to get it taken care of. Patrick was still in excellent shape without any issues to speak of.

Started our day off right with a great breakfast in the dining tent.

The line, waiting to leave camp when the route officially opens.

Our Route Card for the day

Ran into some old friends along the way. I know John from my first walk in 2009!

Almost back to camp for the day!

Mama is a little tore up.

A delicious dinner in the tent tonight.

These ladies loved Patrick

Got our Day 2 photo right before heading to bed.

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