Wreath Re-Do

My Mom has a pair of wreaths that she’s had for years and years and years. They’ve been used outdoors for as long as I can remember, so I’m sure you can imagine how weather-worn they are.  Their berries are less “glossy red” and more “exposed foam” than they once were.
This year she proclaimed that it would be their last Christmas, and they were headed for the trash can in January.  I can’t stand to see things be thrown away that are still totally usable, so I told her “give me a chance to fix them up”. Afterall, the most expensive part of wreathes are the wreath themselves, and those don’t get too torn up in the weather, just the adornments do.  She agreed, and we headed to Hobby Lobby to pick up some goodies.
Our original plan was some sprigs of berries and other Christmas-y Goodness, and a bag of pinecones, but given how close we were to Christmas the pinecones were gone and the sprigs were well picked over. So we settled on two boxes of potpourri mix, and 2 remaining sprigs of berries and golden foliage.
WreathProject (7)The potpourri was $13.99 a box, but was on sale for 50% off, so for two boxes we still spent $13.99.
The large flowers were $6.99 each, but were 50% off, so we spent $6.99 total.
The berries were $1.99 each, and at 50% off, we spent $1.99 total.
And the golden foliage was $2.99 each, and at 50% off, we spent $2.99 total.
Our total spent was around $26 + tax.

At home, I took her wreaths down and brought them inside. They were missing some pinecones and had several areas with glue that was left behind, unable to be removed.

WreathProject (1)
I removed the bow and all of the other pinecones, berries, etc.
WreathProject (2)Then set to work fluffing all the branches.
WreathProject (3)
I used the large flower to cover the most obvious glue-spot. This wasn’t glued in place, but was wrapped to the “frame” using wire.

WreathProject (4)The rest of the adornments were attached using a hot glue gun and copious amounts of glue.
WreathProject (5)small

The result was a vast improvement from what they looked like previously, and for $26 + tax, we fixed up both wreaths, and had plenty of potpourri left over.

WreathProject (6)

After / Before


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